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Due to the high turnover of stock, its best to contact one of us to check availability and details on all parts. See above for contact details.

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4 speed. RS2000 £60
5 speed type 9 £50
4 speed 1100/1300 Crossflow £30
4 speed 1600 Crossflow £50
Various gearbox mounts and bellhousing available, phone for details

Alloy RS2000 parts:
Alloy RS2000 sump and pipe up pipe, allen key and bolts, cleaned, from £90
Alloy Bellhousing and correct fork, cleaned from £90
Alloy gearbox lowering blocks £10
Alloy engine mounts £30
Alloy Alternator bracket £30

RS2000 propshaft £30
Crossflow mk1 propshaft £25
Crossflow mk2 propshaft £20
Crossflow mk1 single piece £40
Crossflow mk2 single piece £40

Petrol Tanks:
MK1/2 loads in stock, from £15
RS2000 tanks from £20

Stock changing all the time on performance parts phone for prices.
1300 crossflows from £50
1600 crossflows from £100
2000 pinto from £80
Standard RS2000 heads £20

Reconditioned parts:
Door Latch £20
Washer jets £10
Window runners £10
Quarter bumpers £100 per pair
Alternator Bracket £10
Boot Catch £10
Bonnet catch £10
Bonnet Spring £10

Mk1 RS Alloys from £25 each
Mk2 RS Alloys from £15 each
Capri laser alloys from £10 each

Full sets are available, with / without tyres
Nuts also available, please phone for details

7" Alloys RS, Revolutions, Superlites, please phone for availability....they don't
hang around!

Full sets in stock mk1 and mk2
Pieces sold individually or in full sets.

Green tint for mk2, please phone for availability.
Bronze tint for mk2 in stock

Rear Suspension:
All English diff’s, most in stock, all complete units
3:54 RS Diff £100
3:77 £120 when available
3:89 £50
3:9 £60
4:1 £100
4:4,4:7,5:1,6:1 Please phone for prices

RS Halfshafts £40 per pair
Standard Halfshafts £30 per pair

RS mk1/2 axle casing with tramp bar brackets £40
Standard mk1/2 casing £25

RS 9" rear drums/brakes mk2 £25 for full set
RS 9" rear drums/brakes mk1 £40 for full set
Standard MK1/2 rear drums/brakes £10 for full set
Handbrake linkage MK1/2 £10

RS 2000 Late mk1 or MK2 Anti Tramp bars £20 pair

Various rear shocks for all models, Spax, Bilstein etc

Front Suspension:
RS front struts complete mk1 and mk2 from £80 please phone for details
Bilstein front legs from £100
Standard MK1/2 legs £50

Standard racks £25
Standard crossmembers £20
RS cross members £30
RS Anti roll bars £25
Standard £20

Miscellaneous parts:
MK1/2 Twist painted petrol caps from £10
MK1/2 locking caps £15

Various MK1/2 indicator stalks from £5

MK1 round headlamp grills from £10
MK1 oval headlamp grills from £20
MK2 round headlamp grills from £25
MK2 square headlamp grills £15

RS2000 MK2 nosecones, early and late models, from £20

Genuine MK2 Mexico front spoilers from £100, when we can get them!

Standard MK2 steering racks £20
MK1 pedal boxs £30
MK2 pedal boxs £25
MK1 steering column £25
MK2 steering column £20
MK1/2 handbrake lever £10


MK1 Roof £100
MK 2 Roof £100

MK2 complete front end with mint inner wings etc £180

MK2 rear panel removed from car good condition £70

MK1/2 auto tunnels and gearbox crossmember £60

MK1/2 doors - please phone for availability
MK2 bonnets from £20
MK2 bootlids from £20
MK2 RS2000 bonnets from £10

MK1 bonnets from £10
MK1 bootlids from £10

MK1 6 clock dashboard panel £90 please phone for availability
MK2 dashboard panel with no cut outs (base model) £40

MK1 heater bowl £30
MK2 heater bowl £30

MK1 scuttle grill panel £15
MK2 scuttle grill panel £40

Wiring looms:

MK1 looms phone for availability
MK2 Crossflow complete looms £40
MK2 RS2000 complete looms from £40


MK1 heater £30
MK2 heater £25

All pipe work for MK1/2 available as well


MK1 6 clock dash boards from £20
Mk2 base model dashboards £20
Mk2 sport/ghia dashboards £30
Mk2 RS2000/Mexico dashboards from £30